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Festival Program

Festival Program

Dragon Boat Races

World Beat Dragon Boat Races
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday, June 28, 2015
at Riverfront Park

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2015 Salem Full Schedule

2015 Salem Mixed Bracket

2015 Salem Women Bracket

Welcome to the 2015
World Beat Dragon Boat Races

Registration opens on February 23, 2015. Click here to register your team.

Get the on-boat view of the race

Here is some classic history...

Ah yes, we remember 2009
And cheesy 80s music in 2007
The 2010 Mixed Finals

Race details are as follows:

Races are over 470m on the Willamette River. The start point is the south side of the road bridge connecting West Salem with Salem, the finish line is at the Riverfront Park dock.

Teams may enter either Women’s or Mixed divisions.

$550 before June 1st, $650 for any payment received after June 1st strictly enforced. $25 discount refunded to first 10 completed registrations (including payments) received.

Race Rules
The 2015 rules are under review. The 2015 Race Rules are available here.

Event Schedule

  • 7-8:15am       Team check-in on site
  • 8:30am           Captain’s Meeting
  • 8:45am           Opening ceremonies
  • 9am-3pm       Race Heats
  • 3-6pm             Race Finals & Awards

Each team must provide two volunteers as a part of their registration. Volunteers will be contacted separately by the race organizers.

Dragon Boat Race Directions, Drop Off & Parking
There are many exits into Salem from I5. This is one example. Exit west (right) at 256 on Market St. Take Market St all the way west to Commercial. Turn south (left) on Commercial and stay right onto 99E /West Salem. Immediately after the S-curve turn west (right) onto Union St over the train tracks. Check with security and enter the parking lot for drop-off only.

You cannot park in any space beyond the parking security guard. Any car left in this area will be towed.

Exit Union St straight across 99E and take the next right (south) on Commercial. Park anywhere streetside or in the Chemeketa Parkade (on the left side just after Chemeketa St. Walk south to Court St, and enter through the Court St gates.

Plan Your Visit
The World Beat Dragon Boat Races are a part of the biggest multicultural festival in Oregon, with 25,000+ attendees. You will have a chance to visit and enjoy the festival as a part of your race experience on Sunday, but to really enjoy the fullness of the Festival plan on coming to Salem on Saturday, visit the Festival during the day and evening, stay overnight at our partner The Grand Hotel, then paddle all day Sunday. Our headliner band takes the stage Saturday night at 8pm, followed by our famous fire dancing from 10-11pm. Call The Grand at 877-540-7800 to access our special World Beat rates.

Race Result History
Times vary each year according to the river flow.





  1. Unsinkable Survivors Association 2:58.41

  2. Angry Unicorns 3:02.34


  1. Team Fusion Red 2:40.22

  2. Women on Water 2:40.72

  3. Mighty Women 2:48.23


  1. DragonSprites 2:37.74

  2. OWLS Dragonflies 2:38.46

  3. Sirens 2:48.18


Ways & Means

  1. Stumptown Paddlers 2:39.00

  2. Blind Ambition 2:48.00


  1. Castaways 2:28.99

  2. Peace Dragon Warriors 2:30.62


  1. Highland Dragons 2:23.60

  2. Golden Dragons 2:24.43

  3. BlewByU 2:30.94


  1. Team Fusion Blue 2:15.08

  2. Fire Breathing Blowfish 2:24.66

  3. Kent Dragin’ Tails 2:28.47


  1. Sun Dragons 2:09.14

  2. TDBA Destiny Dragons 2:15.76

  3. Queen’s Dragon Riders 2:24.97



1st Wasabi Power Surge 2:30.15
2nd OWLS Dragon Flies 2:30.59
3rd Rip City Paddlers 2:34.99

1st Tacoma DBA Destiny Dragons 2:17.52
2nd SunDragons 2:20.86
3rd Castaways 2:28.73


1st Soldiers of Fury 2:20.68
2nd DragonSprites 2:17.39
3rd Peace Dragon Warriors 3:24.42

1st Team Fusion Blue 2:04.22
2nd SunDragons 2:04.42
3rd Fire Breathing Blowfish 2:05.32


1st Bridge City Velocity 2:27.73
2nd Sirens Paddling Club 2:29.27
3rd Peace Dragon Warriors 2:39.11

1st Paddles of Fury 2:16.25
2nd Bridge City Blue Blitz 2:20.19
3rd BlewByU 2:20.53


1st Wicked DragonSprites 2:28.96
2nd Peace Dragon Warriors 2:31.27
3rd Rip City Paddlers 2:34.21 

1st Paddles of Fury 2:07.47
2nd Anniemaniacs 2:07.94
3rd Bridge City 2:12.74


1st Rip City Paddlers 1:49.09
2nd OWLS Dragonflies 1:49.12
3rd Sirens Paddling Club 1:49.45

1st Portland Fire Dragons 1:37.12
2nd BlewByU 1:37.59
3rd Paddles of Fury 1:38.83

About Us

Thank you to our all-volunteer Race Committee

Jules Halvarson, Race Director
Kristin Sterling, Start/Finish Line 
Nonie Moss, Head Dock Master
Kat Bell, Head Marshal
Dave Sweeney, Race Announcer 
Scott Mills, Assistant Race Announcer 
Capt. Richard Chesbrough, Operations Director
Greg Moyer, US Coast Guard Auxiliary 
Dean Bender, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol
Erin Ellis, Member at Large
Cara Watson, Member at Large

Race boats from: Tacoma Dragon Boat Association

2009 Race Finish 2009 Loading the Boats 2009 Racing

 To join a local team for the races, visit the club page.