Celebrate. Explore. Culture.

17th annual
World Beat Festival Title
June 28-29, 2014
Riverfront Park | Salem, Oregon

Celebrate and explore culture at Oregon’s largest multicultural event all year.
30,000 visitors, 125 performances, 70 cultures, 9 stages, 1 world

Dance with Kealuala from Hawaii, Bollywood from India, Ceili of the Valley from Ireland, Japanese O-Bon, the bolero with Romance

Taste Filipino lumpia, French crepes, Nepali momos (potstickers), New Orleans beignets, alligator gumbo, Somali chicken in beri-beri sauce, lamb gyros with tzadziki and feta, Vietnamese fried coconut rice and Chinese sausage

Listen to Bongo Love Afrobeat, Willamette Falls 55-piece symphony, eSwara classical Indian music, Scottish bagpipes, Gamelan Pandhawa Indonesian percussion, and Saturday night headliners To Life!

Experience Nigerian hair braiding, help make the Swedish mahstang (maypole), watch Samoan fire-dancing, try classical fencing, discuss the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, explore the Middle East culture tent, buy Chinese jade, meet a Bhutanese lama, and cheer on the dragon boat races.

Plenty for kids

  • take part in the Children’s Parade 10am Saturday
  • pick up a Passport at the entry and collect stamps from around the world
  • great performances by and for children
  • activity tents in every village
  • make Samburu necklaces and Anansi spider stones in Africa
  • create Peruvian friendship bracelets and piñata parties in The Americas
  • build a Dutch windmill and play wurfkastinien in Europe
  • try tinikling (a Philippine jumping game) in Asia

German FocusMeet locals from Ireland, Vietnam, Iu Mienh, The Marshall Islands, Rwanda, Cambodia, Scotland, Ecuador, Zambia, Japan, Aztec, Samoan, the Middle East, the Philippines and many more.

Celebrate your heritage by showing us where you are from on our huge World Map

Discover our focus culture of Germany – food, music, dance, traditions, wines, and more.


No admission fee; we ask for a $5 individual and $15 family donation at the entry gate.


Award Winning Festival