Dragon Boat Club

Join the World Beat Dragon Boat Paddling Club.

What are dragon boats?

This exciting sport, now one of the fastest growing in the U.S., has attracted visiting teams from throughout the Northwest to Salem for the World Beat Race. The number of participating teams has grown to our current maximum of 32. Salem teams caught the spirit of friendly competition that draws so many to the sport early on and now we can practice nearly year-round on the water.

You do not need to be a member of an existing team to join. Individuals are welcome, and we’ll assign you to a team based on your availability and team need. The practice year is broken down into Spring (April-June), Summer (July-Sept) and Fall (Sept-Oct) seasons. Hope to see you on the water! 

If you are interested in starting your own team or joining an existing team, contact our office at (503) 581-2004 or info@salemmulticultural.org.

Angry Unicorns

The Angry Unicorns are Salem's First women's team with over 8 years of paddling experience. 

We're a fun group of women from all walks of life and all ages, who support each other and enjoy the exercise and community that Dragon Boating provides. Each year we welcome more new paddlers, come check us out!

We also welcome men for to practice paddles during the off season.

The Unsinkables

Salem's first Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat team. Facilitated and supported by survivors and the community that loves them. They are heading into their second season on the Willamette~ with coaches that have more than 7 years experience. There are no general fitness requirements to join.

We are sponsored by the Salem Cancer Institute and accept paddlers with the objectives of celebrating Hope, Healing, and Health. Survivors and support persons are both welcome. Our team also participates in other healthy endeavors such as Yoga, walking groups, socializing, and bringing in speakers that promote our mission. Always check with your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.

Highland Dragons

The Highland Dragons are heading into their 6th year on the Willamette River. We're a mixed team, all ages from 14-Seniors. Come ready to get a great workout on our beautiful river with a fun group of people. Our practices last about an hour.  Though we are a semi-competitive team, our goal is always to have fun! 

Highland participates in two races each year: World Beat at the end of June and The Portland Dragon Boat Races at the beginning of September. Come check us out! 

We are proudly sponsored by Life Source Natural Foods.

Volunteer for the club

Join the fun!

The World Beat Festival Dragon Boat Club Steering Team is always looking for volunteers who can help coordinate the many aspects of practices, club promotion and development. You don’t need to be a dragon boater to serve on the steering team.

To join the steering team contact our office at (503) 581-2004 or info@salemmulticultural.org.

Club Paddle Waiver

Ready to get started?.

The packet below has information on what to expect from paddling. Please fill out the waiver at the end, and bring it to your first practice.

Download Waiver